Dutch Diamond

In December 2014 Rick Participate at the SBS 6 program “ The winner takes it all”. A battle contest between the best “ sound-a-likes” in the Netherlands. Rick sang himself to the finals and took it up against “sound-a-likes” like Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Joe Cocker and Jan Smit. Under the name Dutch Diamond Rick takes in 2015 the step to be a “sound-a-like’. Also international people notices him. On invitation he flew to Las Vegas in 2016 to sing together with the best international “sound-a-likes’ from Neil Diamond. In september 2017 Rick took it to an other level. With the best Grim team (among others known from “TV Kantine” and Linda’s story of my live) he transformed himself to Neil Diamond. In grand cafe Baco before the concert from Mr. Sweet Caroline, Rick comes in as his Look a like. The crowd doesn’t know what is happening and by the first note they think the have a private concert from Neil. Another highlight that year is the program Circus Gerschtanowitz. Where Rick came out as the best “sound-a-like.

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